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Your search for a fertility acupuncturist ends here at Affinity Acupuncture. Dr. Christie offers an expert, individualized, comprehensive program to support you on your fertility journey whether you are seeking a natural pregnancy or planning to use assisted reproductive techniques (ART) such as IUI or IVF. Her goal is to get you as healthy as possible to increase your chances of conception and support your pregnancy to bring a healthy baby into your loving home.

With the integration of acupuncture, BEMER treatments, nutrition, herbal formulas and supplements Dr.Christie is able to achieve optimal outcomes. Her doctoral degree, with studies in both Asian medicine and the latest in biomedicine, is in women’s health and fertility. She considers it an honor to work with you during this time of transition. Our clinic has extended hours to support your fertility care.

Using acupuncture and Asian medicine, Dr. Christie has experience with the following fertility issues:
• Hormonal Imbalances (estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, and TSH)
• Luteal phase defect
• Diminished ovarian reserve
• Anovulation
• Ovarian Cysts
• Poor Egg Quality
• Undeveloped Endometrium
• Premature Ovarian Aging
• Low Antral Follicle Count
• Endometriosis
• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
• Fibroids
• Recurrent Pregnancy
• Tubal Blockage
• Unexplained Infertility

Male factors such as low sperm count, poor sperm motility or morphology have also been treated.

Our Fertility Treatment Plan

In a natural pregnancy, fertility treatments are often designed to work with the different phases of the menstrual cycle. By identifying which part of your cycle is out of balance, specific treatments are given for the correspondence phase in the cycle. In this way, the treatment is tailored to address your specific needs, helping return your body to its own natural rhythm.
Dr. Christie recommends you begin treatment 3 months prior to the time you wish to conceive as it takes approximately 90 days for an egg to complete its maturation cycle. This time is also needed to normalize the menstrual cycle which increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Acupuncture increases Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) success and prepares both men and women for pregnancy. If ART is your chosen option, Acupuncture and integrative medicine can help you prepare your body by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, and nourishing the endometrial lining and ovum. You will be supported both physically and mentally, during and after the procedure, and unpleasant side effects caused by some of the medications can be mitigated.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Dr. Christie understands that your fertility journey could be a stressful and demanding process. She is here to make that journey with you by supporting you both physically and mentally throughout the process. Your individualized treatment plan begins with a full health history which is used to evaluate your personal needs to optimize your ability to conceive. The plan may be designed to bring your menstrual cycle into balance thus allowing you to naturally conceive or to support you during ART, from the day of egg retrieval, the day of embryo transfer or optimally three months before your fertilization cycle.
Depending on your personal needs, your plan could include:

• Fertility acupuncture
• BEMER sessions
• Pelvic massage and acupressure
• Blood work Analysis
• Diet recommendations
• A stress management plan
• An exercise plan
• Ovulation guidance
• Identifying obstacles to conception

Dr. Christie has put together the following fertility resources for you.

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